How to sell at Trade Shows – 5 secrets you should know!

The end goal of all types of businesses is to generate leads and earn a profit, right? Companies are always on the hunt to develop new and creative ideas to showcase and market their products in a way that attracts their target audience. Where almost every brand concentrates more on their marketing and sales strategies, consumers are at an advantage as they enjoy some excellent ideas, ads, and by-products of marketing strategies! 

Trade shows, craft fairs, industry fairs- these are some perfect ideas to market your products and ideas to a vast audience. However, the drill here is to get your strategy right. But, before that, what is Trade shows precisely? Let’s discuss all the Trade shows in this article!

What are Trade Shows?

A trade show is a conglomeration of businesses (exhibitors), experts, and business representatives (visitors) who come together in a specialized venue to share knowledge, products, and services and network with other like-minded individuals and build business contacts.

Businesses that exhibit will be given a location to show their products and services and build engagement and business relationships with their potential customers. Through such a set-up, they can generate leads in a better and more massive way.

For B2B enterprises, or ‘traders,’ trade exhibitions are beneficial because they allow them to disseminate information about their products and engage with prospects in an authentic setting catered to them and their target audience.

Benefits of Trade Shows

  • Trade shows are a great way of creating a long-lasting effect on the minds of visitors. 
  • Trade shows are attended mostly by those who have a strong intention of making a purchase. Therefore, if you get your strategies right, trade shows can be a massive boon in generating leads for your business.
  • Nothing can beat face-to-face marketing, and trade shows give you the opportunity to do just that!
  • Through trade shows, you can make your brand more visible to the crowd.
  • Trade shows offer maximum return on investment. The amount you can earn through trade shows will be much more than the money you invest in setting up a booth. 

5 secrets to sell at Trade Shows

The benefits of advertising at a trade show are massive. However, the only thing that can help a company is developing a compelling trade show marketing and sales strategy that will help them attract their audience’s attention, thereby generating leads. Listed below are five such secret magic tips that will make your company a massive success at the trade shows:

Choose Right Venue 

Not everything is for everybody. You need to look for shows that could put your company in front of the right people. For most companies, a tradeshow journey is guided by an internal events team or an event planner. You or your team are in charge of thoroughly researching all trade shows before going to any of them. 

There are numerous facets of the situation that need to be considered carefully. Shows where your consumers and potential decision-makers will be, for example, are shows you want to go to. As a result, you will only see events in your niche with a healthy number of quality guests.

Attractive Display 

The first step to attracting a person’s attention is through really alluring displays. And of course, without anyone visiting your booth, how will you sell? You can definitely leverage technology here by having big LED displays with some appealing content on it so that more and more people get attracted to it and visit your booth! 

Honestly, your displays and ads have to be very relevant to your products/services. LED displays are not the be-all and end-all of having an attractive display. You can even have eye-catching posters or one of your team members dressed in something relevant to your products/services, perhaps?

Clear and Compelling Backstory.

Banking on emotions is the core of every sound marketing strategy. Your customers want to feel connected with your company in more ways than one. They want to know how you started, what drove you, what challenges you faced, who else owns the company along with you, how your products are made, who makes them, and so on. 

These are the kinds of inquiries that people considering buying something or using a service might have. As a result, the tables have turned. Get their attention by answering the questions they didn’t know to ask in the first place. It’s possible that a compelling story will provide the extra value needed to close the deal.

Engage with the visitors 

You can get your whole booth set up most beautifully, but what is the point of these efforts when the visitor isn’t engaging there? It’s a different thing for a person to get attracted to your booth and visit there, and it’s an entirely different thing for the same person to engage with your booth. If you don’t do enough to retain their attention, they will surely move to the next one.

When someone visits your booth, be sure to listen to them. Talk to them and engage in a healthy conversation instead of just going on about yourself and your company. Give them an experience that they cannot forget, and sales will follow!

Offer Attractive Pricing 

After building an engagement strategy with your customers, it is now time to do the most essential thing: pricing. Your pricing could quite literally make or break your deal. Investigate your competition to see what they’re charging for similar products and services to your own. The next step is to decide on a plan. How much will your items or services cost compared to your competitors? Remember that you should only charge more if you can explain the increase as a perceived benefit for the consumer.

Also, let’s not forget that it is human nature to be attracted to discounts. Offer good discounts and make more money! 


There can never be one perfect and tested way to do a specific thing. It is all about trying new things and observing how they do. With trade shows, there is no shoe that will fit all. You need to reshape these strategies in relevance with your products. We hope that this guide has thrown some light on how to sell in trade shows successfully!