Trade Show Giveaways: Affordable gift ideas to promote your brand

How do you make your firm and brand stand out in a sea of trade fair booths? By providing a distinctive, memorable, valuable, and incredibly hardworking for your potential customers, a giveaway item.

We live in a competitive world, with many businesses vying for your client’s attention. It would be best if you had high-impact and memorable handouts that cut through the clutter at trade exhibitions and promotional events to bring attention to your business. Give your audience an eye-catching, full-color imprinting, creative and unorthodox trade show present that customers will want to receive and use.

It’s all about finding the proper item to give away at your trade fair. This can include things like your brand, target market, budget, and the show’s environment where you’ll be interacting with potential buyers. When you find the correct fit, you make a fantastic first impression, build positive feelings around your business, and people remember you when it’s time to buy. Check out some of our suggestions for trade show giveaways below. We wish you luck in your search!

1. Reusable Backpacks And Totes

Customized backpacks and reusable totes make excellent promotional items that help you break away from the usual trade show giveaways. Select the design, size, color, and material of the backpack or tote bag you’ll be giving away. Create a one-of-a-kind and intricate design that symbolizes your brand, or use your classic logo on each bag. One of the benefits of giving out a tote bag or a backpack is that trade show guests are more inclined to use them right away.

When attending a large trade show, collecting promotional products and schwag can soon become overwhelming. When guests are given tote bags or backpacks, they are more likely to use them right away when visiting other booths and setups at the fair. Consider a personalized tote bag or backpack promotional gift when you want to maximize the amount of exposure you may acquire at a local or regional trade event.

2. Styrofoam Sports Ball

At your next trade show, footballs and baseballs constructed of durable yet soft material are sure to earn you some brownie points. Make sure to couple this exciting prize with a campaign that highlights your hotel’s ability to supply event planners with both works and play options. During (and even after) the trade fair, these solid-colored balls can be tossed around and played with. Make sure to include a complementary color logo on one or both sides.

3. Sticky Notes And Miniature Notepads

Paper and notepads are always in demand, which is why little notepads and sticky notes make excellent giveaways. Giving away personalized sticky notes and mini notepads is a great way to keep your brand’s logo and website front and center. At the same time, the item is utilized, or the notepads are passed around the office. Personalized notepads and sticky notes are some of the most popular giveaway items for any business or brand, regardless of size, due to their usefulness and cost.

4. USB Flash Drives

USB drives are one of the most tempting promotional things to give away at a tradeshow, mainly if the event is focused on technology, marketing, or new industries. USB drives are not only small and portable, but they are also beneficial and have a built-in function that can benefit anyone who uses a computer, smartphone, or other digital devices daily. Use your firm’s branding on the USB devices you give away, as well as data, images, and links to your official website, to increase traffic to your website while also encouraging consumers to discover more about your company.

5. Confectionery & Mints for Promotion

Attendees may require a surge of energy to keep them going throughout the day.

That’s why these goodies are so popular (and so efficient) at luring passers-by to your booth. Mints will keep everyone’s breath fresh, and they’ll make a lovely gift for both attendees and exhibitors.

You can select from hundreds of different delectable options, all of which can be customized with your brand via direct printing on the box or a full-color printed sticker.

6. Phone Loop Holder

How often have you misplaced your phone? More than you’d care to admit if you’re anything like me. That is why this small loop is so helpful.

Many people want to keep their phones in their hands at all times, and having to hold or carry anything else gets in the way; thus, this loop makes it much more manageable.

It’s made to be held in place by your phone case and can hold up to 35 pounds. It’s unobtrusive, your logo may be printed in full color, it doesn’t add bulk to the device, and it doesn’t get in the way of charging.

7. Custom Compressed T-shirts

How many times have you seen folks wearing T-shirts with a business name or logo embroidered on them?

T-shirts are the most commonly given away items at trade exhibitions. Compressed t-shirts might make a significant impact if you’re searching for a bit of a giveaway. These one-of-a-kind t-shirts were utilized as a giveaway at a trade exhibition to generate new clients and enhance brand exposure.

T-shirts are an amazing way to get people excited about your business while also helping you sell it.

8. Promotional Drink Bottles

Drink bottle possibilities fit both a giveaway and a more luxury gifting niche, depending on how “valued” your clients are.

For trade show freebies, Australian-made plastic bottles or budget-friendly single-wall metal bottles are frequently the first choices. However, suppose you’re ready to spend a little extra. In that case, there are dozens of significant double-wall decisions that will keep beverages cool for the entire day.

Drink bottles are one of our favorite items to recommend because they’re reusable and visible. It’s great for the environment as well as your brand.

9. Custom laptop satchel

Event planners value having extra storage space for their on-the-go lifestyle. A personalized laptop bag fits the bill nicely.

Your leads are likely to receive several totes at the event, so a satchel will stick out as being more elegant and more straightforward to carry. Add a fun statement or tagline to the inner flap of the bag to remind them of your business every time they open it. You can even include a supplementary item on the bag, such as an umbrella or a sunscreen keychain, to remind them of the weather conditions at your hotel.

10. Handouts That Are Fashionable

Make a lasting impression on recipients with wearable gifts that are appropriate for any occasion.


A pair of shades is a great summertime giveaway that will protect your potential client’s eyes while promoting your business. They’re also fantastic as a prop for conference social media images – pick a color that complements your brand’s aesthetic for a win-win situation.


Whether it’s a fleece hat, a knit beanie, or a summer cap, provide your guests with something timeless. They’re also helpful!


When in doubt, include any of the items on this list to ensure that your giveaway does not wind up in the trash and that your organization is seen as attentive and worthy of doing business with.

We have mentioned some of our favorite low-cost freebies for trade exhibitions and conferences that will appeal to a wide range of people. However, we also enjoy looking for a theme and audience-specific gifts, which can be cost-effective and effective in driving home the point of your message. Suppose your firm is planning a Trade Show or Conference. In that case, we’d be delighted to assist you with the ideas and execution of all of the components that will make the event a success.

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