Trade show giveaways: here’s how to make your brand more memorable

Giving freebies away is one of the most effective methods to draw attention to your company. This can be accomplished by giving out promotional merchandise at a trade show or conference, holding social media contests, and offering incentives to create leads. Nonetheless, not every gift is a success. You’ll need a strategy that’s in line with your objectives and brand. The tips and tricks of the article will help make your giveaway or contest a win, based on my experience assisting clients with giveaways and contests.

Are you recently looking to purchase a considerable number of tradeshow gifts to distribute at your booth? If that’s the case, this one’s for you!

Trade show giveaways typically consist of pens and key rings. It would be best to give something free & helpful but fascinating and unique compared to what everyone else is giving away.

Isn’t it true that you desire a decent return on your swag? Well, it’s as simple as making good use of it.

If you follow in the footsteps given in this article, you’ll have a blast at your next trade fair! You don’t want to be sloppy and leave things strewn around the table, Provide helpful presents.

Don’t limit yourself to pens!

The following are some great giveaway ideas:

  • Mugs for travel
  • Bottles of water that can be reused
  • Phone chargers powered by the sun
  • Lip balms with a recognizable brand
  • All of these draw attention to your brand and work to promote it – preferably not in a pen pot at someone’s home or business!

No one said freebies had to be physical; delivering a digital download, such as a movie, e-book, or song, will pique people’s interest while ensuring that it won’t be misplaced.

Keep it relevant

Your trade show giveaway products should be attractive – either distinctive, like some of the items described in this post, or beneficial, like something that can help you connect with potential leads more powerfully. The closer the product is to your industry, the better.

Your branding will become more efficient and effective if you maintain your giveaways relevant to your company. You may be able to provide your clients the option to sample your product before they invest.

Distribute tiny samples of your food in branded containers if you’re a catering firm. Give out branded bookmarks if you print books. The choices are unlimited, and you’ll be able to advertise your brand even more successful if you keep giveaways relevant to your business.

Consider your brand

Whatever you give away as a trade show giveaway should always be consistent with your brand. For example, the packaging should adhere to your brand rules by using your brand colors, typefaces, and graphics.

You should think about whether the giveaway reflects your company’s values. Suppose you, like us, believe sustainability to be a fundamental value and want to make your stand as ecologically friendly as possible. In that case, you should consider choosing environmentally friendly materials and ensuring that they can be recycled where possible.

Something new and unique

Consider thinking beyond the box. Food and beverages are also excellent trade show freebies. Unusual snacks and sweets, such as frozen yogurt, smoothies, or popcorn, always draw attention and generate buzz about your business. It fosters longer conversations and provides an excellent opportunity for your sales team to display your items to your customers as they enjoy a frozen yogurt or smoothie from your stand.

If at all possible, package your food or drink in a style that allows you to include your logo and contact information

It’s all about size

You should think tiny and light when deciding what to give away at your next exhibition. Although you may believe that anything huge and bold will draw more attention, something little and light will be more valuable to both you and your audience.

It’s vital to keep in mind that show attendees will be carrying your giveaway for the duration of the exhibition or event, so make sure it’s lightweight.

As a result, selecting an easily portable product ensures that it will not be discarded and used. Offering a free mobile item like a stylish PopSocket or a smartphone wallet, for example, implies that future custodians will be exposed to your brand.

Offering a free mobile accessory such as a stylish PopSocket or a smartphone wallet, for example, implies that potential buyers may use it right away.

When compared to gigantic inflatable animals or large promotional books, which may be abandoned once people weary of carrying them.

Tech items

Tech items make excellent giveaways since they are highly topical and immediately usable. All tech things will be welcomed because most tech items, such as a power bank for charging a mobile device, serve a useful purpose.

This is an excellent concept for trade shows. Many people are likely to have traveled and need to stay overnight, so gadgets like chargers might be helpful.

Traveling gear

Compact branded items such as toiletries, small travel bags, packages of Kleenex, or travel pillows are always in demand. The traveler will constantly require stuff like this. Therefore, if they can obtain it for free as branded merchandise, they’ll think favorably of your company and have a constant reminder of your brand with them!

Branded hats

Consider the season in which your company event will take place to make your branded hat gift item more helpful and relevant. Summer hats and custom-made hats for warmer weather, such as baseball caps or straw hats, are ideal for summer gatherings because your contacts are more likely to wear them.

Similarly, beanie caps and winter hats are excellent giveaways for events held in colder weather, as they are easy to take from a contact’s bag.

Giveaways via Social Media

The event organizer, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors might leverage social media sweepstakes to increase awareness and engagement based on post engagements. To enter, ask users to leave a comment. You can use this opportunity to inquire about why they want to attend your online event. You might learn something useful this way. Give away event merchandise and tickets, or give away a VIP event goodie if you have it. You may also hold a last-minute giveaway to remind attendees of the event.

They are simple to administer for organizers and users to join, and they assist in gaining awareness and creating engagement with potential event attendees.

Raffle Way

If you have gifts from the event’s sponsors to distribute, do a lucky draw to raffle prizes among the attendees. You can prepare everything in advance, and the giveaways can be run live or before the event. You’d have the winner videos, or a winners’ page prepared, with the prize, the sponsor’s name, and the winners displayed.

Doesn’t it seem nice to be entered to win a gift simply for showing up? Make the prize draw announcement ahead of time to delight the sponsors. Don’t forget to mention the event on social media, the event website, and other places.

Referral Way

A refer-a-friend giveaway is a referral contest in which participants enter by forwarding contest information to others. This motivates them to participate in improving their chances of winning.

Participants can suggest a giveaway to others in a variety of methods, including:

  • Sending an email with a link to the landing page for the referral contest
  • Spreading the word about the giveaway via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, for example.
  • Copying and emailing the referral link to friends via messaging apps.

Because they use word-of-mouth marketing strategies to promote leads and sales, referral contests are an excellent way to grow your business. If someone is in their network of friends and contacts, they are more likely to trust them. So, if you can persuade customers to spread the word about your brand to those people, you can avoid the problem of people not knowing enough about you to trust you.

Referral marketing, in particular, is also important. People aren’t spamming their whole contact list when they suggest a buddy to win. They’re sending it to folks they think will be interested.


Giveaways can assist you in growing!

Everyone enjoys getting something for nothing. By giving people presents and valuable knowledge, you may tap into this innately human quality. Simultaneously, it’s critical to make your promotions relevant and explain them in a way that encourages people to participate. Experiment with several forms and keep note of your findings to find the formula that works best for your company. That’s how you persuade people to stroll by your booth with their noses up in the air. The above-listed methods were aimed to make freebies and promotional handouts work for you at your next trade show.