Event Displays For Virtual Trade Shows: Make The Best Of Your Designs

What are you planning for your next trade show – virtual trade or in-person events this year? Do you intend to spend more on virtual trade shows or attend in-person events? Keep going with whatever plans you have. According to studies, 97 percent of marketers think that more hybrid events will be held this year, resulting in a rise in virtual event spending. Don’t be concerned if virtual events are strange ground for you. We’ll show you how to make your virtual trade show booth stand out so you can get the most out of your investment.

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“How to manage virtual trade shows?”

Exhibitors and sponsors will have to adjust their strategies as a result. They’re adapting to the brand new world of the virtual trade show, where they used to shake participants’ hands on the trade show floor. They’re using video chat to communicate with participants. They’re trying to figure out how to persuade people to come to their virtual booth in the first place. Exhibitor packages that can be customized improve everyone’s return on investment.

The most valuable feature of a virtual trade fair in 2021 and beyond is visibility. Designing the booth as a part of an event can be a useful tool for event organizers. It provides them a way to stand out and get noticed. Exhibitors can post items and services and add movies, branded backgrounds, logos, and connections to their websites. They can also stream live demo sessions. On virtual tradeshow platforms, the wealth of customized choices offered is simple to allow and restrict depending on the degree of sponsorship arrangement.

1. To increase sales prospects, create interesting live or prepared product demos

Demonstrating a product during a live demo at a trade show to showcase it in real-time can’t be missed. Make it participatory! Virtual events offer the opportunity to interconnect a large number of people in a single meeting. Presenters should move around and interact with the product instead of merely standing in front of it while communicating with the audience. Viewers want to feel as if they’re right there with you, seeing the product in action. Consider having a section of the pre-recorded product demo and then allowing viewers to ask questions during the discussion. In any case, make sure both the presenters and the audience have a good time!

2. Place a range of product images

Making your products the ‘center of attention with photos will leave no mistake in the minds of visitors that they are the most significant feature of your stall.

Visitors will have all the visuals they need to judge your business and items if you include photographs that show what your products are, what they do, and what they can give.

Having product visuals will boost the possibility of viewers purchasing from you in the future. Choose intelligently from the options presented.

3. Make it easy on the eye

Storefronts that display brightly colored signs, open doors, and merchandise in the window are more likely to catch your attention.

The same principle applies to virtual trade show booths.

Always try to include vibrant colors, images, and relevant media to tempt potential visitors. Make everything as appealing as possible. People will remember your brand and items if they remember how your stand looked, so make it as attractive as possible!

4. Don’t limit yourself to your brand’s niche

If you want an outstanding booth design for your virtual trade show, ensure you’re not only talking about your items and your virtual display. It is a good idea to give away something at the end of your virtual event.

Experiment with going beyond your brand’s carefully crafted niche. You should be able to provide in-depth, well-researched, and well-presented knowledge of your field to your audience. Your attendees will not only remember you for more than your products, but for the experience you created as well! Your audience will benefit from the information.

5. Make direct in-booth communication a priority

Virtual events, virtual expos, and virtual trade exhibitions operate entirely differently from actual events. As a guest, you know they are serious and not just passing through the virtual event since they probably paid to attend.

To get actual leads and conversions from your virtual trade show booth, ensure that the in-booth questions you ask your visitors are simple & to-the-point. This will help you to ultimately determine whether or not they are serious about your product and brand. This helps save resources for participants who are serious about attending and are more likely to convert into revenue-generating leads.

6. Consider virtual design elements that are responsive

One of the advantages of a virtual trade show booth is that it can be made immersive using technology. Instead of personally communicating with each participant, you can interact with groups of individuals at once.

A virtual trade show booth needs to be easy to navigate. Ensure you have CTAs (call to actions) prompts to set up so guests can choose from alternatives like speaking with a representative, watching a product video, or signing up for additional information.

You might also want to include auto-playing films or scrolling pictures. Visitors report longer swell times on websites with auto-play media elements, and the same can be said for your virtual trade fair exhibit.

7. Make virtual checkouts simple

Eighty-one percent of those who visit trade exhibitions have the power to buy something. That means the majority of people you connect with via virtual trade shows may purchase straight away.

The goal of your booth is to sell and generate leads, so make this as simple as possible for all of your visitors. Create buttons for certain activities such as “Speak with a Sales Representative,” “Contact for More Information,” and “Ask a Question.” Make sure your pricing models are well-defined, and sales representatives are always available via live chat or virtual consultations.

Get your virtual trade show up and running

Taking part in an online virtual trade exhibition is a fantastic method to meet merchants and leads worldwide. However, your virtual booth must make a strong first impression.

Contact our team of professionals at Art & Display if you have any queries about event booth design, displays, or marketing materials for an upcoming virtual trade show. We can assist with the creation of custom trade show displays and booths. From concept to implementation, our team will be there for you. Let’s work together to make something!